Monday, October 3, 2011

My next birthday project-

Let me warn you now, the pictures on this post are from my phone, and the quality is tragic. Ok, continue...

A while ago I offered (perhaps begged) my sister in law to let me help her with my niece and nephew's 2nd birthday party. They're having it at a large park pavilion right next to this amazing playground area, and the theme is Curious George! I am super excited about getting to jump into another project. The past couple weeks I've been hunting around for Curious George items. I found a couple awesome canvas paintings on Craigslist of all places, I had to have them!

I made some cupcake toppers (well, banana nut muffin toppers in this case)

also made a birthday banner (got the design concept from a banner I saw on Etsy, but let's be honest, they are so overpriced on that site it's silly)

and some silverware tags with the names of the birthday boy and girl.

I plan on using the 2 canvas paintings as centerpieces on 2 of the guest tables on opposite ends of the pavilion. The other tables will have a few pinwheels (I loath making pinwheels but they are so cheap to do and go with just about any theme you want). Anyway, the pinwheels will be "planted" in a few baby blue pots I found at Ikea. It'll be cute when it's done, and for less than $3 a centerpiece, YA CAN'T BEAT IT.

If you're looking for a pinwheel tutorial, they're all pretty terrible, but click >here< to see the one I read.

Aside from all this I still have to get some plain baby blue fabric for an overlay to the tables, which will just have white linens underneath. People give me a hard time about using linens for baby and kids parties but I think they were a great investment. I just bleach them after each use and they're good as new. If you're looking to buy new linens, I've scoured the internet and found that the best prices are at, OR perhaps, depending on if you have a coupon for either or. I got mine from linentablecloth and love them.

Keep partying!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grace's 1st Birthday Party!

Well, the day came and went before I knew it! We had a lot of fun at the party, I wish we had gotten there earlier to set up, but all's well that ends well! So here are out final pictures, I'll let them do the talking!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let them eat cake. No, seriously, I hope they like this cake.

Well our little girl's first birthday party is the day after tomorrow. Just about everything is ready to go! Today I worked on chocolate pretzel rods for the candy bar, poms to hang from the ceiling, and her cake! I knew I wanted to make a carrot cake, and I found this popular recipe here. I haven't really gotten to try it yet but I did sneak a taste of the batter and it was great! 3 layers of cake and some cream cheese frosting later...

And of course the birthday girl's smash cupcake!

I can't believe it's only 2 days away, I can't stand it!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Up To Speed.

    Starting a blog, like many other things I do in life, was my mother's idea. Hopefully this will be a steady time line of my ideas and preparations for Grace's party as well as any and all other extra curricular activities I find myself in.

    I'm not sure at what point I decided to have a vintage inspired party for my 1 year old. I did know that I wanted this to be a lengthy process, I wanted to take my time with it and make it memorable. I didn't want a one-stop-shop party store party. I started googling (don't judge me), and seeing what was out there. At first I had a tunneled vision view of what "vintage" was and what it was going to take to get the overall feeling I was looking for. I wanted a reminiscent feeling, but in the present time. I wanted guests to rub their eyes and wonder if their eyes were set to sepia mode. I wanted a few "oh man, I remember those". Also, I wanted a candy bar.

So I did what every novice part planner does, and started working backwards. Visiting the dollar store, Michael's , Joann's, thrift stores, IKEA, etc. I picked up small accents, a gold rose shaped candle, a roll of lace, an ivory distressed looking vase, and a pack of cardstock paper from Michael's that came in the perfect size for invitations.

     From there the ball got rolling. We rented a room and made invitations.

The piece that caught my eye the most and was the reference point for the rest of the party, was a fabric I found at Joann's that would go over the food table.

From there I had a general color scheme for the other fabrics and decor. We purchased pale pink paper plates (say that ten times fast!) and ivory forks and cups. I made Grace a tutu using the same dusty pinks and greens found in the tablecloth fabric, and added some lace and a handmade flower for a little shabby touch.

    I then started focusing on the bigger details. We made several trips to Good Will and Salvation army looking for trays and stands for food.

     We found these charger plates at Good Will and a couple goblets, put them together with hot glue to make a tiered stand (total cost $7). In place of tradition doilies I cut out some craft paper in a nice pink royal pattern.

     Many of the best things we found for this party, were things we weren't looking for. I rarely went into a store and got exactly what I was looking for. Often I would fall in love with something I saw and said "how can I incorporate this?". Sometimes you love something but have to come to terms with the fact that there is  no purpose for it in your party. This was NOT one of those items. My husband saw it on the top shelf (above my field of vision of course) at the thrift store. It was dusty, cracked, warped, and had no finish to it. But it was also 3 dollars and had an awesome floral design on the sides. A little hot glue and a cheap can of spray paint later, it was a staple item in the party, one of the first things the guests would come in contact with as they got their plates.

    To go along with the plate holder, we got a pink metal basket to hold wrapped silver wear. Luckily the napkins and the pot were the exact shade of pink (it was an odd pink to match, I thought) and the white floral trim went along with the floral pattern from the plate holder. I added a topper reading "Happy Birthday Grace" to each set of silver wear using the same stationary from her invitations, and wrapped it with the twine that was used for her birthday banner.

    Speaking of her birthday banner, what a tedious one that was. I loved the look of the accordion folding in the background of the letters but it took forever to do. There's got to be an easier way! This is a picture from before it was hung on the twine.

      I know, you're probably wondering "But what about the candy bar that you were dying to have, Aleida?". Well first thanks for remembering, and second, that has been the most fun of the party planning so far. Our set up is as follows...

The assorted jars were found at various thrift stores. We still need to get the rest of the candy (clearly). I'm thinking some licorice, malt balls, gumballs, jordan almonds, and chocolate covered pretzel rods.

One of the hardest things to get my hands on were mason jars. We found them guessed it, the thrift store. I purchased 6 at a dollar a piece, I don't intend on everyone there to drink out of them, but I knew I wanted to have a few set up next to some coke bottles (glass coke bottles of course). And what's coke in a glass bottle or a glass mason jar without...

paper straws! I'll be honest, I'm in my 20's and wasn't around for paper straws so I thought these things were going to turn into mush as soon as you drank from them, but turns out they are actually very sturdy. I love paper straws.

So I believe now we're up to speed with where we are with this party. It's this Saturday (6 days away) and I think all we have left to do is get the food, make the cake, and party party party!